Thus says the Lord "Tell my women to meet Me at the WELL."

Sr./Dr. Oralisa Martin

The ORACLE WWW: Well Women Witness is a powerful  full day Women’s Spiritual Retreat. It consists of an extraordinary healing Prayer Service with women “gathered @ the well;” followed by a Keynote Address based on the Samaritan woman (John 4: 1-30;39-42) testimonies, a “Letter to Jesus;” a Rock Meditation, a Water Meditation; and a Closing Eucharistic Celebration.

Nothing prepares you for the experience of a WWW: Well Women Witness event. Unless you have experienced Sr./Dr. Oralisa in a revival or teaching, you cannot begin to appreciate the experience those attending the WWW event receive during this retreat. 

Read below, a few of the hundreds of testimonials received by those who have attended a WWW over the years (to read each testimony, place the cursor on the words & remove to advance to the next one).

The WWW: Well Women Witness event has been hosted by specific churches over the years. For more information about hosting a WWW event, fill out the form by clicking here.

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"I came over to WWW out of curiosity. I heard Sr. Oralisa and Msgr. East talk about the WWW. Ummm! I really enjoyed the presentation by Sr. Oralisa on the Samaritan woman @ the Well. I read that story over and over again. Today, I got a clear understanding of the Scripture. I’d love to get my ladies of [omitted] to come over and experience this."

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