Exhilarating! Healing! Prophetic! The workbook, Well Women Witness - Letters from Christ, is a compilaton of ten (10) Letters from Christ. The power of the workbook is that each letter just doesn’t have your name on it. The workbook is the printed prophetic voice of Jesus Christ in dialogue with you, the woman. As Jesus Christ speaks to you, you write Him back in the letter.  He helps you to deal with your issues. He heals your wounds, and intervenes in current crises. 
With letters 1 through 10 written consecutively, you are on a spiritual journey of growth with the Lord. The workbook of 10 Letters from Christ is a prayer style that brings women to an intimate friendship with the Lord. You experience Christ going deep down within, yet ever so gentle with you. And you find yourself just writing and writing, open and honest! In self discovery, you’re in union with God, becoming His disciple and ready for “Mission.” You even get to hear Christ pray to His Father for you. These are the letter writing experiences of women from across the country. They have grown in their faith from their encounter with Jesus Christ in personally hearing from Him. Live and written testimonies attest that such experiences need to be available to all women. Is this book for you? I pray it is.

Well Women Witness ~ Letters from Christ